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The company has introduced the largest warp knitting machinery manufacturer in the world - the world's leader in the field of textile machinery, and many types of warp knitting machines produced by Carle Meyer, Germany, including the RSJ5/1EL, RSJ5/1, RSJ4/1 jacquard warp knitting machines, RJSC5/2F double jacquard jacquard warp knitting machines, RSE4-1 32E high-speed elastic netting machines, and RS45 Multi bar computer lace machine, imported spandex warping machine and so on.
The warp knitted products are widely used in clothing, underwear, leisure and sportswear. We attach great importance to the research and development of product types, set up a technical research and development department, independently developed the fashion underwear jacquard line series products, sportswear jacquard pieces, sports shoes jacquard fabric, especially the fashion underwear jacquard series products widely received by the market and the industry.
The quality quality of the product comes from good raw materials and quality control. At present, our raw materials are mainly supplied by well-known domestic brands, such as Xiao star spandex, DuPont spandex and Dacron. At the same time, the company directly invested a nylon chemical fiber factory, the conventional raw materials are produced by themselves, effectively controlling the quality and formation of the products. The products are sold to large domestic clothing factories and large distributors in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta, and cooperate with many foreign trade companies or directly export to Japan, South Korea, Middle East, India, Egypt, Brazil and other countries and regions.